Laura Briedis Tomko - Writer & Marketing Strategist

Daughter of Latvian immigrants and first generation American, Laura Briedis Tomko grew up speaking both Latvian and English at home, but favored the latter as she made a career in the written English language.

Always answering questions about “where in the world is Latvia,” she has helped put it on the map by tirelessly promoting this little Baltic State’s culture and heritage. While growing up, she wanted to be a sports writer and attended The Ohio State University, where she graduated with a journalism degree. Instead of writing about wins and losses, however, she covered various businesses for national magazines including restaurants, salons and spas, and the building industry before starting her own company.

On the local level, Laura enjoys meeting the people she profiles to write Mimi stories. Still a big sports fan, Laura, along with her husband, is the biggest fan of her son, who plays golf and baseball for Avon High School