Dale Anter - Marketing Strategist

Dale has a diverse background that lends itself well to understanding what Mimi's advertisers and readers want from their visit here. He began working with his father in his family's wholesale wine, candy and tobacco distribution business at the age of 14 where he learned the values of hard work, dedication and above all, customer service. 

At the age of 25, he decided to indulge his love of cooking and entrepreneurship by venturing into the restaurant business. He and his wife owned and operated a Cafe in downtown Cleveland for years, where he gained a thorough knowledge of small business ownership, its challenges and rewards. During this time, he also served his community as a part-time police officer. It wasn’t long before his kids introduced him to all the world wide web had to offer…and he discovered the power of internet marketing, social networking, and technology. He found he could blend together his love of sales, small business ownership, and technology at Mimi Vanderhaven. 

When Dale is not creating/developing new and exciting places for you to visit on Mimi Avenue, you may spot him coaching on a local baseball diamond, hunting, fishing, or hiking outdoors, or enjoying some of the wonderful restaurants, cultural events, music, theater and sports events we are blessed to have here in Northeastern Ohio. He is proud to call this home and believes it is a great place to live and raise their three children!