Connie Gilronan - Marketing Strategist

After graduating from Baldwin Wallace College with a double major in Marketing and Management, Connie headed downtown and worked for 2 different broadcast TV stations. After realizing that life isn’t all about budgets, high pressure sales and long, stressful work days, she packed up her desk and went to work in the suburbs (gasp!) for Mimi. Working for Mimi has allowed her to use her background to help companies develop the best strategy for their marketing dollar, as well as develop long lasting client relationships. 

Since arriving at Mimi, Connie has accomplished her life long goal to stop biting her nails, but has yet to conquer her “biting into assorted chocolates to see what’s inside” habit. With her husband, rescue dogs (Barney and Millie) and cats (Archie and Lucy) she lives among the buzzards in Hinckley, Ohio. Connie loves chocolate, chocolate covered fruit and Italian food (with a chocolate dessert, of course!). Her husband would also like everyone to know that the cats weren’t initially his, he inherited them in the marriage.